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New Play, New Venue, The Learning Curves start here!

GinJo’s Learning Curves is taking shape. A reflection and exploration on what and where in 2024. We’re talking about us. Settling. Roaming. Being together. Sharing skills. What we’ve always done.

Music and technology are the main topics. More later in the blog/newsletter

What next in 2023?

A production by Jeffers Productions Limited.

Two One Sided. Our final production this year.

A very interesting two act play by Jeffers Productions. The ticket price reflects that the play is in its first stage of development. I find it satisfying when the actors are believable. Are they there yet?

What’s changed, if anything. Same story over a century apart. Same dialogue, same characters but … are they? it’s easy to find. It’s close to Manchester United Ground.

Learning Curves Podcast 2024

We’re hoping to have one or two ready before Xmas.

The first one will be a discussion on Amy. A song written and produced in 2018 in the studio at 3MT. With the advent of mastering on AI, we’re able to produce our music commercially.

We’ve so many stories to tell. Some are very funny. Some not. We’re going to have a go at telling them to music our music. In our style, which is new.

Third Age 2024 for GinJo

Yep! John is there. I’ll catch up in December. It’ll be January 2024 before I get mine. I’m still praying I get there. After the hospital experience last week:

The Porter or was it The Painter ?

I know my hearing’s not good. You do know my memory is shocking.

just out of hospital following a frightening pancreatic flare. My count was over 6k it should have been 60. The pain and bulging tummy would have made a good shot for a horror spoof. I had no idea so many liquid pain killers were available. I look forward to them next time. I sleep walked after 4 days nil by mouth. I thought I was in Australia. ‘I need to get to MRI I may have been kidnapped’. I started looking for my dog, Mandy. I ruffled a few sleepers when I was searching under their blankets. I didn’t make any friends.

I was guided safely back to my bed only to find painters coming through a secret door, literally 2 inches from the outside wall on my left. The racket was horror stuff. The shadow of a tallish man walked passed my bay. I said: what are you doing? Painting he said. Me: at this time of the night. As he made his way out I heard him say, I know that voice. I shut up. I didn’t want to wake the patients or annoy the staff. I think I’ve done enough of that.

The Paintbrush is back!

Original hand painted scenery for individual stories. Therapy apparently. Maybe we’re in need of some of that.

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