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The Game of Play - the game that will change your life! It changed mine!

We are still floating on the success of Summer Dreaming the Musical 2023 at The Empty Space. Salford

What a blast! There are some great reviews on our website (soon, I’m told) and video clips:

Did you know you can ‘licence’ our plays? The fun you can have from casting, the read through and the first rehearsal. The journey begins for real. The team of 13 hit it off from the word go. I have included the director/writer/tech/costume/musician/singer there. They are the backstage guys, the creators and producers. You will find us hanging around on these pages

and the

The Game of Play board game is based on who we are and what we have been doing. (Gina and John) AKA: GinJo. They are: Music, playwright, performance, singing, cabaret, teaching…need I say more, I will but do not want to bore you or suggest we are bigheads. Our greatest achievement, survival.

3MT and Manchester Shakespeare Company. We and our amazing creative business lived and worked in the best artistic emporium ever existed in Manchester, Afflecks. a furry buzz in my belly each time I think of Afflecks.

We have a board game night this coming Tuesday with The Game of Play, 30th May. 6pm. New people playing with us. Contact John on if you fancy a game with us. We have three more lined up before launch.

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