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July's Got Some Catching Up To Do!

Hey, how are you? The show 'Summer Dreaming The Musical' was fabulous and fun We miss it already and the cast. We enjoyed the new venue 'The Empty Space'

GinJo! You’ve probably worked out who is who already if you know us. If you don’t, it’s Gina and John. We're a team in business and marriage for 34 years.

You can still find us on our usual spaces on social media. Especially Instagram

You can now also find us on Patreon: our new consultancy on all things making and producing theatre. We’ll have short videos on how to.

Ginz can be found on Buy me a Coffee. She blogs and writes on what ever she fancies. It’s a good way to keep in touch with everyone. They’ll be nonsense Videos on tips and tricks. Snippets on stuff we do. If I do a list, you will fall asleep.

The Covid landscape is still having its impact. It was an eye opener after the show. Recognising the impact the financial crisis and the Covid and global economic changes have made. Online is growing. Here’s how we’re changing: Podcast

We thought it a good idea to join the online boom for now. Gin’s health is demanding it. Every morning. OW! OOH! CLICK! Before breakfast this morning she chewed and ate a piece of fresh ginger. She’s practising for when she turns into a marvel character. She need to work on special talents. She loves to make people laugh. You can see it when she’s directing. Try this and that. John too. You can see it in his writing and his jokes. He loves Chick Murray.

Think yourself lucky. Gin’s been listening to his jokes for 34 years.

What’s the worst one: ‘have you any chips left? Yeah!

You shouldn’t have made so many then.

Finally, we have a board game. A family friendly board game: The Game of Play.

The focus groups have loved it. The best thing said was: "This is the best game I’ve ever played!" One of the actors in Two 1-Sided.

It is expensive business putting theatre on these days. We didn’t experience it at 3MT.

It will hopefully do OK on Kickstarter. We don’t have a launch date yet. As soon as we have we’ll let you know. There’s a video of GinJo doing the introduction.

We hope you are all well and enjoyed the show.

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