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The Game of Play! It's on the Way!

‘GinJo’ is Gina and John of the MSC, 3MT and the Game of Play. We’re still here. Not just a memory!

GinJo’s next big project is ‘The Game of Play’. It’s a party game that Gina invented during the Covid lockdown. You could also call it GinJo’s Journey and experiences, particularly Gina’s. She has always believed in all things performance. Everything in life is born from journeys, experiences and relationships. They are recaptured on the stage.

You are our lovely MSC/3MT audience. We think of you all of the time. I certainly do when directing anything. I Imagine how you will receive the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ of what we are doing.

We’ve had quite the Manchester Shakespeare Company relationship at 3MT. It’s been my life’s work entertaining people and I’m not going to stop now! We have more time to spend with you now we’re plucky pensioners.

We’ve been playing the game with our game testers and I see you in my mind’s eye when you’re watching one of our performances. I used to sit at the side of the auditorium at 3MT to see if I was right about reactions to the performance.

You will find some of the characters from our Manchester Shakespeare Company productions are in The Game of Play: Malcom Fabrese from ’12 Nights’ and Helena Handcart from ‘Summer Dreaming’ are on hand to guide you on the wild and whacky journey through the game to centre stage where you could be the winner of the coveted DAFTA award!

We love every moment when playing the game. We remember the actors playing the characters and the great experiences shared with you and them. It completes my lifelong experience on stage and your experience in the audience.

It’s a great Party Game. We will be trying it out as an event for the launch which we plan to do throughout the year in libraries across Greater Manchester and maybe beyond after Easter 2024

As soon as we have some dates confirmed, we’ll newsletter and blog again.

We hope your New Year 2024 is working out for you.

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