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A blast from the recent past!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A Different Island. The next production 2023.

Manchester Shakespeare Company lived at 3MT in Afflecks till 2019.

It still lives up to its name producing Shakespeare in Manc for Mancs. Its social values now include supporting the Neurodiverse arts community.

A new audience are welcome to join the community. Sharing skills as producers, actors, musicians, writers, directors and singers with new members is important to both organisations. They learned that throughout their lives in the arts and performance, it provided them with confidence and an ability to communicate on different levels, including public speaking.

They still cannot believe they successfully opened a theatre and venue. The 3MT Nine Year Wonder. The first book Bonkers by John Topliff and Gina Frost is a year late in the making but it is in its final stage.

The Different Show podcast on the Buzzsprout platform has been speaking to people diagnosed and undiagnosed as Neurodiverse in the Manchester World.

It occurred to the organisers that many are in the arts.

Being with and working with the audience they love seems to be the right way forward. Getting the message out there that neurodiversity means exactly that: neurodiverse. Their Neurons are different. That is not difficult to understand. And why stigma is attached to these ordinary Manchester people is astounding. Anyway, join us on the journey to healing and loving everyone, including you.

The structure is there. But it’s the characters we want our audience to scratch out. It could be a few months or more.

Where? Anywhere in Manchester you will find us when the legs of the first project start moving.

2022 is the target year. Exactly when we get started with a show is up to our neuro pals. We can tell you this though, it will be fun, fabulous, futureproof and there will be forever moments of laughter, love, caring, sharing and striving to sketch a future for our audience.

Funds and friends are much needed for this journey. Being without YOU is not an option.

There is a podcast for Manchester Shakespeare Company which will keep you up to date on the progress of this exciting project.

Get in touch if you have an interest in volunteering.

Thank you!

Gina and John

Listen out for the quiz on social media. Winners win a pair of free tickets for the premiere. Where, we do not know yet.

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