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As a Creative, doing nothing is not an option. Being positive about learning is…By Gina Frost

I have experienced lifelong learning. My hydro-autistic brain needs an excess of information to satisfy its demanding needs.

Throughout my teens it was singing lessons and lessons in schools and colleges for cooking and sewing. In my twenties it was being the breadwinner on stage, singing. In my thirties it was online distance learning: Theatre Studies. In my 40's it was retirement from singing and training to become a lecturer in my specialist areas.

At 65, I am in the process of completing training in Digital Marketing. One of the topics I did not get chance to study when I needed to as a CEO of a theatre in my 50's with my

I am also with ICAT Actor Base. It keeps my industry skills up-to-date. As a theatre and performance practitioner, I need to continue with Continued Professional Development (CPD). An expectation when you are an actor, teacher or lecturer.

What is more exciting is I have recently been invited to take part in a very important book. Being a theatre CEO in Afflecks was mind blowing and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

As a theatre performance director for Manchester Shakespeare Company, I like to keep in touch with what is happening in the actors’ world.

Writing this blog has confronted me with a plethora of being and studying. You do not have to be hydro-autistic to do it. You just need inspiration and determination to succeed in whatever you want to do.

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