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‘Laughter?’ ‘What is it good for?’… certainly not ‘War’ written by Norman Whitfield

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

'Laughter' blog by Gina Frost for Manchester Shakespeare Company

You go out on a Friday or Saturday night to have fun. Great! But Sunday morning you realise how much it has cost you and usually your feet too! Especially when wearing the highest heel you can find.

Do you ever consider going to a show before you hit the town to prepare your laughing muscles for the rest of the evening or weekend?

Belly Laughs. We all need them. They’re medicinal.

Spend £14 or less and swap your belly full of alcohol for a belly full of laughs watching Summer Dreaming the Musical.

Experience Robbo and Oberon swapping their boards for Del boy’s idea of chatting up the ladies!

Robbo or Welsh Rarebit as he is warmly known when wrestling will feel pain to hear you laugh. He loves making you laugh. He and Oberon will certainly do that with Robbo’s Viola Tricula, A flower from the Magic Forest of Mancia and Salforde-Upon-Irwell. See what you think of Oberon's Ass impressions. Pretty good.

The key theme for Manchester Shakespeare Co is entertainment!

I had lots of it in the cultural vibes of the 70s and 80s and in my line of work.

Comedy television shows with the famous comedians often struck a belly laugh.

They can actually hurt. I miss them. Ha Ha!

We have one of the great comedians of the 70's , 80's and 90's playing 'The Duke of Wimslow' in the Musical

Aiden J Harvey played Peter Quince in the premiere version of 'Summer Dreaming 1973' in 2015. SOME SEXIST LANGUAGE. He is from Gorton Where we are now. He is a polite unassuming gentlemen.

My determination to encrypt laughter within Manchester Shakespeare Company’s comedy and ethics has been blessed by working with writer John Topliff, my husband and business partner for 33 years.

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