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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The Manchester Shakespeare Company - The Post-Pandemic Re-boot!

The Manchester Shakespeare Company (MSC) was formed by Gina T Frost and John Topliff in 2013 at the Three Minute Theatre (3MT), Manchester. Their aim was to produce accessible adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays aimed at new audiences. The company offered opportunities and real experience for graduates, emerging acting and writing talent, apprentices and volunteers, collaborating with music students and academics to create vibrant, entertaining ensemble performances.

Here's a link to some of The MSC’s productions.

The first productions proved very popular and were premiered at 3MT before being presented to audiences in libraries, churches, public squares and at festivals in and around the northwest of England.

More recent productions include original plays relating to Shakespeare (Will and Anne) and a Shakespearian inspired Pantomime (Will Whittington and his Cat)

Find out more about the Gina and John and the MSC here:

The Manchester Shakespeare Company also utilises its experience in theatre production to bring new work from first-time writers to the stage.

In the post-covid world we now find ourselves in The MSC is looking forwards to being able to continue its journey with a new production ‘A Different Island’. Taking Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ as its starting point, the play explores issues surrounding neurodiversity, social stigma and isolation, love and loneliness in a (not too distant) future world where difference is outlawed.

The MSC offers opportunities and training in many different disciplines for students, creatives and anybody else interested in performance and theatre making. Whether you are neurodiverse or neurotypical, there are many roles within the company ensemble that will stimulate and challenge you. Roles include: performing, stage management, sound, light and music production, set and costume, video production, graphic design, sales, marketing and publicity. There are many roles that offer practical experience and training in theatre making and production utilising Gina and John’s many years of professional and academic experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining us on our exciting new journey!

or: John Topliff 07498 406971

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